Pastor Keith Ritchie

Whether you are a guest or a regular member, we are thankful that you are here with us and we welcome you in the name of Jesus Christ. Please feel at home, for this house belongs to the Lord and you are welcome in His house. It is our prayer that you sense God's presence as you worship with Him.

Weekly Schedule


Sunday School (adult & children's classes): 9:15 am

Worship Service: 10:30 am


Inductive Bible Study: 7 pm. A class into the life changing study of God's Word


Kid's Club: 6 pm Children 3 to 12 spend time learning about Jesus while having fun

Youth Group: 6 pm Youth from ages 13 to 18 joining together to learn to deal with the problems that they are faced with from God's point of view

News & Events

Spring Cleaning – we have many areas that need a deep cleaning or spring touch-up in our church. One of the largest areas that help is needed is going to be outside on the grounds. But there are lots of inside jobs also. If you have a passion to get your hands into a project please call the church office at 222-3649 to find out what is open

Summer Sunday School Teachers are needed! Has God been calling your to serve but you aren’t sure where? We have a spot just for you. This is a short-term commitment to give our regular teachers a break. For information or to say “Yes, I want to volunteer”, please call 222-3649

For those who like to study ahead of the sermons, we have a treat for you. Today we are starting a sermon series on the Book of Galatians. It is only 6 pages long in most Bibles but in those 6 pages so much is packed that it will take us months to study it all. So open your bible and join us in allowing God’s Holy Word to guide us as we travel the troubled waters of life.

Each year we enjoy coming together for fun, food, and fellowship in what we call our Summer Picnic. It is a great time of just relaxing together. What we are hunting for is a picnic coordinator – if this is something that you are gifted in, please call 222-3649 for information.

Worship Service

Weekly Messages